• What is AtlasLearn?

    Atlas Learn is an on demand, asynchronous professional development platform designed to empower educators to take ownership of their own professional growth.

  • I know our school has AtlasLearn, how can I access the courses?

    From your Atlas site (if you need help finding your Atlas site go here) and click on the Learn button at the top of the screen in the main navigation.

    Sign up for AtlasLearn by using your school email and creating a unique password. You will be taken to all the courses you have available.

  • I have already signed up, how do I access my courses?

    Click on 'Sign In' in the top right corner and enter your email and password.

    Then click on My Dashboard on the top of the screen to see all the courses you have access to in AtlasLearn.

  • How much does AtlasLearn cost?

    All the 'How-to' Courses are a part of Premium Support.

    All Courses can be added, starting at $999 with unlimited access for anyone with access to the Atlas site.

    If you are interested in adding AtlasLearn, please contact us.

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